In year 2005 important discoveries and innovations at the Karolinska Institute from the 19th to the 21st century were listed. On a short list of ”Highlights from the Medical Map” was the ”Space Gym” invented by researchers Drs. Tesch and Berg. Other high-lighted discoveries were the ”Language of chemistry” (JJ Berzelius 1820s; atomic weights of chemical elements and selected names and symbols), Insulin and heparin (E Jorpes 1920s), Myoglobin (H Theorell, Nobel laureate 1955), Pacemaker (Å Senning; C Crafoord inserted the first human pacemaker in 1958), Noradrenaline (U v Euler, Nobel laureate 1970), The gamma knife (L Leksell 1968), Prostaglandins (S Bergström, B Samuelsson; Nobel laureates 1982).

Compared to YoYo™ few, if any single piece of resistance exercise equipment has been so thoroughly scientifically validated by means of physiology and efficacy to build muscle and strength. Over the last 20 years, and following the pioneer paper describing the YoYo™ flywheel inertial technology, a myriad of research publications have appeared in support of this resistance exercise method. Thus, in house R & D, is supported by extensive research performed at academic entities around the world and published in prominent peer review journals.

Selected Publications from 20 years of research using or validating YoYo™ – download as PDF here.